Security Update

Have you received a notice to
upgrade the security on your site?


Please fill the form out to give us the okay to perform the update. Typically updates are free of charge unless we notify you otherwise. This is not mandatory. We urge our clients to always keep their security up to date to insure the best performance in the browsers and above all protect the data on the site.


Updates do not guaranteed that they will catch every exploit a hacker may enter, but they are repairs to exploits that have been identified. Leaving exploits open is a dangerous thing to do for any web site. Leaving your site knowingly vulnerable, can result in hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars of damage to repair. Since there is rarely a charge for this service we urge you to always allow us to update your security when we notify you for your site's protection.


Security Update

Please fill in all of the information below. The Security Update takes up to 2 working days to complete. We will install the Security Update upon receipt of this form. Security Updates are FREE of Charge

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If you have other information we need to know about, before we perform the Security Update, please indicate it here and we'll contact you prior to commencing the Security Update.

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Marketing Your Website

What Marketing Works?

Search Engine Submission & Optimization
Organic Results vs. Pay Per Click
Social Networking - Blogging

By continuous monthly marketing you give your business the opportunity to be found in the places where your customers are looking for your business. Many businesses make the critical mistake of opening their business and website and either don't leave enough of a marketing budget or simply don't market consistently. If you don't reach out to let folks know where you are and what you do, they will never find you. We'll help you get listed in all the popular places where your customers are looking for your business.