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When is maintenance a good bet?

If you are sure you require routine changes to your site, a Maintenance Plan is likely your better option because in the long run you'll save money. Maintenance Plans allow you to send work in each month at a reduced rate from our currently hourly rates. This is only advisable if you have routine changes each month. If not, we would not recommend you buy a Maintenance Plan and just call upon us when you need us.

We will provide tech support for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Open Cart, and a wide array of other CMS systems as well as html and php sites. Support packages are specific to either a general support issue or an issue with one of the named software systems.

All Maintenance Plans Include the following Services:

  • Optimizing all tables
  • Backing up the database
  • Backing up all files
  • Checking for Malware, and if found cleaning out and notifying you if charges apply
  • Cleaning out all cache and tmp directories
  • Clearing out all sessions and variables
  • Insuring all permissions are set properly and if not – resetting those
  • Checking for any exploits
  • Updating out of date software if licensing is not required. Where licensing is required, we will inform you and get your permission to update because licensing fees may apply.
  • Updating the core if required within same core upgrade specs (meaning if core 3.x - it would remain core 3.1x after upgrade not jump to core 4.x)

General Info: All the work is done by our highly qualified staff. When you need to speak with us - we are here - and you are not speaking to someone out of the country. Maintenance Plans will save you quite a bit of month on a regular basis. The block of hours you buy will allow you to send changes in each month that encompass those hours in addition to the other routine maintenance that is done to maintain your site.

Project Completion Guarantee: Based on the hours you purchase, and assuming the work is routine and not new development work, Project Completion Guarantee will guarantee that we complete the changes being requested for that given month within the hourly time frame you have purchased.

Guarantee & Use of Hours: Hours cannot be carried over to the next month if they are unused. Unused hours are discarded and cannot be used at a later date. On the first of each month your hours reset and start again for that next month. Should you require more hours in a given month for extra work you need, we will honor the rate that you paid for your Maintenance Plan. New Development will be quoted prior to any work commencing.

Response Time: We will respond to your request within 1 business day of receipt, excluding weekends or holidays. Your work request is then scheduled in production on a regular maintenance schedule and is typically completed in just a day or two at the same time each month. If your scheduled monthly maintenance is for the 15th of each month, your maintenance production time will complete by the 17th or 18th of the month taking into account weekends and holidays unless we notify you otherwise. 

Experienced Project Manager Assigned to your Issue: Quantum will assign an experienced expert suited perfectly to fix your issue as well as take care of your monthly support & maintenance. In addition, we will assign a Project Manager to oversee and insure your changes are being taken care of in a timely manner.

How to Send Changes Into Production: All Maintenance Plan Users must use the HelpDesk Ticket in to insure speedy service. If there is a particular issue you need us to look at during Maintenance time please fill out a HelpDesk Ticket and describe in detail the issue. If the issue is covered under maintenance we'll gladly fix it during routine Maintenance. If it requires additional time to repair the issue, we will also let you know that and then additional time will be charged for the repair in accordance with the repair.