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Perfectly suited for any type of CMS systems and compatible CMS carts.

Supported CMS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Moodle or Similar CMS systems.

Supported CMS Carts: HikaShop, WooCommerce, OS Commerce, CS Cart, OpenCart, ZenCart, Magenta, Joomla Cart Components, WordPress Cart Extensions, Drupal Carts, or Similar CMS Cart Systems.

Compute Cycle:  A compute cycle is basically how we measure the number of requests to a file (hits) and the processing time. The more dynamic a site is the more compute cycles it uses.

Highlighted Features:

cPanel Control Panel, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Local Backup Available, myPHPAdmin, SMTP Access, Email Forwarders, Auto Responders, Google Apps, Integration, Mailing List Software, Web Mail Access, SPAM Filtering, Custom MX Record Changes, Latest / Stable PHP & MySQL, Latest / Stable Apache 2.2 Software, FTP Access, Secure FTP Access, Zend, Curl, Magic Quotes, editable htaccess, ImageMagick, IMAP, JSON, LDAP, Mongo, MSSQL, MSSQLi, ODBC, OpenSSL, PDF, Session, Soap. XCache

and much more...