DIY vs. Custom

The Quantum Difference

What's the difference between Do It Yourself Sites and having a site Custom Designed?

BIG difference NOW. While you can make the site look fairly decent usually with a DIY type site, you likely will not rank well on the engines. DIY sites are typically designed to be rather cookie cutter. They don't always follow engine protocol and are not designed for the engines with specific things that engines look for when they send a robot to your site. This is why Custom designed sites by real professionals, who know what they are doing, will always be a big winner over any DIY software.


How We Work

Our Process

There are 2 avenues you can choose from to get a website constructed. 1) Do It Yourself (DIY); 2) Have a Professional Build one for you.

Because the economy has been so tough for businesses, many business owners are leaning towards DIY because they think they will save money. The truth is they will likely be spending more money in the long run because DIY sites are usually not designed to be engine friendly. They are cookie cutter tools that a business owner can choose from a template, which many others have chosen and then pick options to add...



Marketing Your Website

What Marketing Works?

Search Engine Submission & Optimization
Organic Results vs. Pay Per Click
Social Networking - Blogging

By continuous monthly marketing you give your business the opportunity to be found in the places where your customers are looking for your business. Many businesses make the critical mistake of opening their business and website and either don't leave enough of a marketing budget or simply don't market consistently. If you don't reach out to let folks know where you are and what you do, they will never find you. We'll help you get listed in all the popular places where your customers are looking for your business.