In Zip Order: Printing your mailing addresses on labels in Zip Order. Whether you give us your list in Excel, Text Format Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, CSV Format, or Access Format, your list needs to be sorted in zip order. If you provide your list to us on labels already printed, your list must also be in zip order or there will be a sorting charge assessed plus a set up fee.


Direct Impression Printing: Printing your mailing addresses directly onto your mailing piece in black ink. 


Adhere Labels: Printing your mailing addresses on to a label in black ink and then adhering the label on to your mailing piece. 


Tab Seal: The sealing of a brochure with a self sticking tab so the brochure does not open when mailed.


Variable Data: When you need to personalize your mail going out to say DEAR MR. SMITH, etc... This process inserts the data directly on the direct mail piece, such as a letter so that when the reader reads the mail, they feel as though it was typed directly for them. Variable data means the data changes from one record to the next as it is imprinted... that every piece of your mailer is personalized for another reader (person).


Data Matching: The process of taking a variable data piece and a variable data envelope and insuring they are matching data for the same person. In other words, making sure that the letter matches the envelope - so that the right person is receiving the right letter with the right addressed envelope. It wouldn't be a good thing if an envelope is addressed to Mr. Smith, but inside is a letter addressed to Mrs. Johnson.


UV Coating: When wanting to print the address directly on a mailer UV Coating will be eliminated on that side. UV Coating is a high gloss shine that is applied to the card and can not be printed on directly, however, you can have both sides of your mailing piece with UV coating, but you MUST select Adhere Label from the Mailing services choices.


Need Help Getting a Direct Mail Campaign organized?

How to Order Mailing Services


Step 1: Be sure you have picked out your printed piece with the quantity and specifications that you want from the Discount Printing Area. Then make sure you have added the printing product to your cart.


Step 2: Then decide whether you want a label put on the piece (Adhere Label) or the address printed directly onto the piece (Direct Imprint). If you choose to have the address printed directly onto the piece the back side of your printed piece will not be UV coated (ultra high gloss) because we can not print directly on UV Coated stock. The stock will still be glossy, but not with the extra UV Coating. If you want labels adhered to your piece, then you can choose that option and the back side, if in full color ink, will be UV Coated.


Step 3: When you are purchasing your printing piece, you will see options for adding mail services to the job. If you select mail services, you will checkout without paying for postage or mailing services. We will call you to discuss postage options and then based on your decision we will complete your order and we'll send you an invoice via email for the additional mail services and postage. Upon receipt of payment on that additional invoice, we will begin processing your order.


NOTE: If you are designing your own mailing piece, to avoid delays, please make sure you have a 4x3 white area on the back side (right corner) of your postcard. We need 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height in order for us to be able to inkjet/label addresses if you order direct impression printing. If you are ordering labels to be adhered, then we simply need the right side of your mailing area clear so that a label can be placed on the piece.


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