Our Committment


In today's world of e-commerce, Quantum realizes there are many services the business owner needs. But, who do you turn to in this ever-growing pool of web service providers? With 18 years of trusted and reliable service to our customers, Quantum has become the company businesses can count on and comfortably afford.


We strive to build long term relationships with our clients by focusing on YOUR needs. We support and care about our community. We still do work for our very first client! (Now THAT is client satisfaction!) Even our very first employee still works with us!


Achieving Your Goals is Our Priority: Running a business is an on-going process so we take the time to listen to your ideas to achieve your goals. We are committed to doing exactly what we promise and when we make a promise, WE KEEP IT.


Social Media: Don't launch your site without this. Today social media plays such a huge part in web site recognition. It's very important, not only for your site to get indexed on the search engines in possibly a more favorable position, but for your visitors to have ease of access in reaching you in any way possible. Today when visitors like something they typically let that be known in a social media environment. Years ago it was said that to have a business you must have a web site. Today that's a given, but today you not only have to have a website presence, but you need a social presence as well. 



Once you have your web site up and running, it's important to carry that overall theme through all of your other advertising such as print media, newspaper ads, billboards, magazine ads, and banner advertisement. Online marketing and all general types of media which you may engage in advertising your company should always carry your brand look. Even if all you print are business cards, they should embody the essence of your brand, your look - your overall feel. Brand recognition is essential. They say that after three times seeing your brand look that a potential client begins to remember your brand, and by the seventh time they typically think of you first and consider engaging in business with you.




Bringing Ideas and Creative Solutions is what makes us so different from others in the industry. No project is the same as the next and because of that we are always asked for the usual as well as unusual and we are able to come up with creative solutions to make those ideas a reality. We think "Outside the Box" and by doing so we typically come up with solutions that not only meet but exceed our client's expectations, and we keep it affordable.




Building a site today is not enough. You must reach out on the major search engines and get your site indexed at minimum. There are very affordable ways to begin marketing for sites, especially if you are a small or mid sized company. We're not here to blow your budget. We have many very affordable solutions to help you get started. Doing nothing will return nothing. Doing something has the possibility of returning something.



 You can always count on us to be there when you need us. We don't just build your site and leave you - we remain by your side to help you with any questions, continued growth to the site, and your backbone to insure that your site is the best it can be. If you have questions, anytime, even after the launch of your site, please feel free to use our online HelpDesk for the fastest service.


Grace Watson
TRANSFORMATION SALON: Quantum Business Solutions boosted our business in ways I never thought possible. They rebuilt our web site, expanded our social media presence and made sure anyone who searches online for a hair salon in our area sees our name on top of the list. Every week guests thank me for the useful and entertaining content they receive from us. Even better, we’ve found that people … read more
Ava Durga
CREATIVE SEXUALITY EDUCATION: Jen and the team at Quantum have done an astonishing job of untangling problems left by a string of previous contractors, and is now a trusted ally in getting my business launched and profitable. I initially hired Jen as a project manager to oversee work of other contractors because I was spinning wheels; I’m not technical and was having trouble communicating with … read more
Thomas Mokwa
SOUTH PARK THEATRE: They are totally professional. Excellent work done in a timely manner. Communications skills are great.
Larry Maroney
GOOD OLE BUBBA: Quantum did a great job on a complex project. They truly went above and beyond on our project, and did a lot of cleanup work from prior developers. Their attention to detail and their desire to do the right thing was a great asset. We will work with them again.
Mazy Holiday
HOLIVISION: Skilled and adheres to schedules and deadlines. Great communication. Recommend highly.
Don Paul Bearnson
Wonderful to work with! They were able to capture our vision and implement it in the design of our site. Great communication on all aspects of the project. I would hire them again for any future jobs.
Jeremy Serls
FOREVER CODE: Jen and her company are simply top notch! She is a very good communicator, great at what she does and is able to explain processes very simply. Any revisions I requested were also taking care of quickly. I would definitely recommend Jen and her team for any web design/program needs. Thanks Jen.
Scott Bravell
Great communication! Willing to work "on the fly" & respond to changing project requirements. Highly recommend!
Stacy Rischette
MAGIC TOUCH MASSAGES: The site looks great! Thank You! I love the way you Incorporated the ocean into the design and all the colors are perfect. Pictures look nice! I love it!!! Thanks again.
Carla Rodgers
HERE AND NOW HEALTH (AUSTRALIA): Website for our business was built with excellent functionality and on time. Thank you once again.
Robert Scales
GARDEN PENINSULAS: Thank you so much for your help with my logo design. Very quick response.
Don Posh
POSH LASER STUDIO: Cheri and I would like to thank Theresa Rizzo and Quantum for all their assistance with designing our new web site. We are very happy with our new web site and the service we have received.
Kathy Strand
HOMESTEAD CRAFTS: I am very impressed with your quick service and responses to me... Also, I appreciate the fact that Theresa is right on top of things!! I have lots of faith in Quantum. I am very excited to get started. With much happiness and gratitude.
Marc Shabazz
IMAGES BY MARC: Great Job on my site it's been a pleasure working with you.
Allain Paison
MODXCHANGE: Jen and her team are very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the development process. They are very well organized, and continue to provide assistance, where needed. I would highly recommend Jen and her team for future projects.
HOLISTIC PSYCH: Website for our business was built with excellent functionality and on time. Thank you once again.
Angelo Selvagio
EXPOSED INK: Quantum was amazing to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. I will and plan on working together again soon!! Cheers and great work :)
M. Hillewaere
BOTTOMLINE MEDICAL BILLING: Thank You is not enough! I sent you an idea built of words on a page and you built a beautiful web-site out of it. When I first looked at my site - I was astonished, speechless, and in awe. It is absolutely beautiful. I will be telling everyone I know about Quantum. Thanks Jen you're the best! My sincerest gratitude and appreciation to you and all you have done for my … read more